3 Diamond Bridal Looks That Stand the Test of Time

When I was in retail, I had the opportunity to work with many engagement ring shoppers. It was through this experience that I observed firsthand the ever-changing world of bridal trends, and, in response, customers’ varying changes in taste.

From what’s current and popular (like duchess-inspired sapphires) to what’s new and unexpected (raw diamonds are making a big showing lately), you never know what someone will ask for when they walk through that door.

Sure, you get your non-traditionals who want an aquamarine or a cocktail ring, your no-frills shoppers searching for a simple gold band, and the ambitious types on the hunt for the largest rock in your store; but really, it all comes down to personal preferences. Take a look at what I think are can’t-go-wrong mainstays in the world of bridal—these crowd-pleasers never go out of style!


The Classic

Henri Daussi solitaire

A classic is named as such for a reason, and this one never fails. It’s the gorgeous simplicity of the simple round solitaire that makes it a timeless and promising option for any blushing bride.


The Halo

Brides-to-be are obsessed with the halo design. It’s gorgeous, it’s sparkly, and it makes a smaller diamond pop with the extra carat weight. The presence of this design in vintage jewelry shows that it’s been around for quite some time, and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


The Vintage Dazzler

The store in which I worked specialized in vintage jewelry, and ring hunters would travel miles for a glance at these beauties. Why the obsession with antique? Presumably because each piece has seemingly unique qualities, history, and delicate, handmade detail that you just don’t see every day. The rarity of a truly old piece only adds to its charm, allowing its wearer bragging rights to boot.  


Jabel's vintage wedding set


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