25 Beautiful JCK Covers: 1869–1979

Throughout the past year, I’ve looked back at the best JCK covers decade by decade.

Each era had hits and misses, but our covers never failed to feature distinct designs, colors, and jewelry.

Here are 25 of my favorites from our archives—including some that may have missed the mark, but I couldn’t help falling in love with anyway.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday! 

The Watchmaker and Jeweler September 1869

The Jewelers’ Circular February 1879


The Jewelers’ Circular July 31, 1895


The Jewelers’ Circular February 1, 1905


The Jewelers’ Circular April 18, 1929

The Jewelers’ Circular August 15, 1930


The Jewelers’ Circular March 1931


JCK June 1936


JCK September 1942


JCK March 1948


JCK February 1951


JCK April 1951


JCK November 1952


JCK December 1953


JCK November 1959


JCK March 1960


JCK November 1961


JCK July 1965


JCK November 1965


JCK May 1967


JCK October 1971


JCK April 1972


JCK May 1972


JCK August 1977


JCK October 1977


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