24 of the Year’s Best Jewelry Reads (Plus 1 Video) That Didn’t Appear on JCKonline

There was a lot of great stuff written on jewelry this year and some of it had the audacity not to appear on JCKonline. So here, in mostly random order, are some of the favorite pieces that I read, learned from, and sometimes even tweeted.

Check ’em out—but then come back here:

1–2–3. The Apple Watch hasn’t even been released, but it’s already racked up millions of megapixels of debate and analysis. As someone who has read way too much of it, I recommend these excellent overviews from watch bloggers Hodinkee and Ariel Adams, as well as Apple-focused blog Daring Fireball.

4–5. Chaim Even-Zohar on problems with GIA duplicate reports and De Beers’ retail chain.

6–7. Insider-in-training Eric Schulte on the worst diamond articles and Dubai.

8. Charles Wyndham on Coke and diamonds (and Dubai).

9.  A sad article about the aftereffects of one Marange mine.

10. Ben Janowski did an excellent series on industry trends, which starts here.

11. Wendy Brandes on the death of L’Wren Scott.

12. idazzle on why is there no such thing as a semiprecious gem.

13. Martin Rapaport on “honest grading.”

14. Avi Krawitz’s endorsement of the Diamond Development Initiative.

15. Michelle Graff on the “ethics behind recycled.”

16. Edahn Golan looked at the industry’s problems with the banks.

17. For those of you looking into diamond investing, check out Paul Zimnisky’s FAQ.

18. Hedda Schupak on how millennials may change retail.

19. Alrosa CEO’s five-year plan.

20. Personal tale of Ebola and the Sierra Leone diamond district.

21. The funny watch reviews on Amazon.com.

22. Among the year’s best strange stories: Man sells $160,000 diamond for $20 in marijuana.

23–24. Writers love to get meta: InStore’s Trace Shelton on boring PR pitches and Adornamentality on writing for money.

25. Most diamond ad parodies are not that funny. But this one, from Amy Schumer’s Comedy Central show, is:

I’m sure I missed a lot—no offense to anyone, I can’t remember everything!—but thanks to all those who cared enough to read this site and to make their voices heard. If 2014 was any gauge, we will have much to talk about in 2015. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year!

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