21 Emerald Pinterest Boards to Follow in the Month of May

The diamond month of April has flown by and now we are into May, a month packed with so many exciting things. The weather is warming up, many of us are preparing to jet to Las Vegas, and for those who celebrate birthdays this month (me! me!), we’re rejoicing in everything emerald. The precious gemstone, rich in color and character, has always been a well-loved rock in the jewelry industry. And since it’s been crowned the 2013 Color of the Year by Pantone, its impact is seen everywhere from fashion to home decorating and even makeup and hair color. So it’s only natural that, given all the fodder out there, the industry’s Pinterest users are curating some pretty rad emerald boards. Here are 21 of them that, should you want to get in on the green, are must-adds to your list of followings. Be sure to stop by our own emerald board, too. Happy pinning!

Click each image to be taken to the Pinterest board.

1. Lake Oswego Jewelers’ Emerald Green

Lake Oswego Jewelers Emerald Green


2. Fascinating Diamonds’ Emerald Isle

Fascinating Diamonds Emerald Isle


3. Stone & Strand’s Emerald Encrusted

Stone & Strand Emerald Encrusted

4. Jin Jin Jewellery’s Emerald City

Jin Jin Jewellery Emerald City

5. Gioielli Ballarin’s EMERALDS Berillo

Gioielli Ballarin emerald board

6. Houston Jewelry’s Emerald Green Pantone Color of 2013

Houston Jewelry emerald board

7. International Diamond Center’s Emerald: 2013 Pantone Color of the Year

IDC emerald board

8. SLANE Jewelry’s Emerald Envy

SLANE Jewelry emerald board

9. PANTONE Color’s PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald

Pantone emerald board

10. Union Diamonds’ Emerald Dreams…Pantone 2013 Color of the Year!

Union Diamonds emerald board

11. Perry’s Fine, Antique, & Estate Jewelry’s Enviable Emeralds

Perry's emerald board

12. Alson Jewelers’ Emerald Green 2013 Color of the Year

Alson Jewelers emerald board

13. Darcy’s Fine Jewelers’ May is Emerald

Darcy's Fine Jewelers emerald board

14. Silver Stars Collection’s 2013 Pantone Color of the Year: Emerald

Silver Stars Collection emerald board

15. King Jewelers’ May Birthstone: Emerald

King Jewelers emerald board

16. Rogers & Hollands Jewelers’ May Birthstone Inspired: Emerald

Rogers & Hollands emerald board

17. Raymond Lee Jewelers’ Emerald: 2013 Color of the Year

Raymond Lee Jewelers emerald board

18. Washington Diamond’s Emerald

Washington Diamond emerald board

19. Lindblom Jewelers’ Emeralds

Lindblom Jewelers emerald board

20. CRISLU Jewelry’s Emerald – The 2013 Color Trend of the Year

CRISLU emerald board

21. Effy Jewelry’s Emerald City

Effy Jewelry emerald board

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