Roll Call of 2017’s Departing Jewelers

As has now become a New Year’s tradition, JCK would like to begin 2018 by saluting the many fine independent jewelry stores that closed in the last year, in our version of the Oscars’ “In Memoriam” reel. This year, for the first time, we have broken down the roll call by state.

One note about this list: Every jewelry store is different, and every reason for closing is different. Most of these closings are due to the owner retiring, though some are business-related.

In some cases, the owner is closing his or her physical store but remaining in the jewelry business, either as a personal jeweler or by opening an e-commerce site. For more information, please read the accompanying source article.

This list is compiled primarily from local news publications. If you feel any store has been placed here in error, or feel there is more information you wish to provide, please let us know or leave a comment. (UPDATE: Please see note below regarding Kientzy & Company, which is still open.)

Even though the rate of store closings ebbed a bit this year—and there are still more independent jewelers than other types of independent stores—the jewelry industry continued to consolidate in 2017. In many cases, these closings are terribly sad; some of these retailers have been open 100 years or more.

Yet, we should also marvel at the dedication of these stores and their owners, some of whom served their communities for decades. Let’s all wish the owners the best as they move on to their next chapter.

So here’s to you…



Dayer Jewelers, Conway (Source)

Fletcher Smith Jewelers, Conway (Source)



Aptos Jewelers, Aptos (Source) (pictured)

Concord Jewelers, Concord (Source)

Jessop Jeweler, San Diego (Source)

Sierra Moon Goldsmiths, Auburn (Source)



Carter Jewelers, Denver (Source)

Henri’s Jewelry Company, Littleton (Source)

Peter Rosen Jewelry Designer, Boulder (Source)

Price Jewelers, Fort Morgan (Source)

The Ringmaker, Boulder (Source)



W.D. Hatton Watch, Clock, and Jewelry Repair, Middletown (Source)



Bond Jewelers/Bond Diamonds, St. Petersburg (Source)

Bruce Watters Jewelers, St. Petersburg (Source)

Klentzy & Co. Fine Jewelers, Delray Beach (Source) (UPDATE: The store emails: “Due to popular demand from customers we remain open. George semi-retired as our ad stated last April and Mary still running business as usual.”)

Pierro’s Jewelers, West Bradenton (Source)



Gem Jewelry, Gainesville (Source)

Lane Jewelers, Columbus (Source)



Diamond Den Jewelry, Macomb (Source)

Goulding’s Jewelers, Alton (Source)

Mincemoyer Jewelry, Rockford (Source)

Pearls and More Jewelry, Monticello (Source)

Radiance Fine Jewelry, Chicago (Source)

Wilmette Jewelers, Wilmette (Source)



Engstrom Jewelers, Valparaiso (Source)

Stickler Jewelers, Kokomo (Source)



Marcia’s Jewelry, Des Moines (Source)



M.A. Selbert Jeweler, Frankfort (Source)



Colonial Jewelers, Elkton (Source)

Ray’s Jewelers, Cumberland (Source)

Stirling Bridge Jewelry and Gifts, Havre de Grace (Source)



JR Holmes Jewelers, Rockland (Source)

Joseph’s Jewelers, Leominster (Source)

Ustinov Jewelers, North Dartmouth (Source)



Chinn Jewelry, Royal Oak (Source)

Hamptons Jewelers, Okemos (Source)

Richard Engels Jewelers, Grandville (Source)

Thomas S. Fox Fine Jewelry Outlet, Kentwood (Source)

Urban Jewelers, Ann Arbor (Source)



Hight & Randall Personal Jeweler, Rochester (Source)

Schepers Jewelers, St. Cloud (Source)

T.A. Gould Jewelry, Perham (Source)



Stein Jewelry, Madison (Source)



LC Jewelry, St. Joseph (Source)

Swirk Jewelry, Kansas City (Source)

Tucker’s Fine Jewelry & Gift Gallery, Columbia (Source)



Yocom Jewelry & Gifts, Marceline (Source)



Peterson Jewelers, McCook (Source)


New Jersey

Castor Jewelry, Lambertville (Source)


New Mexico

Gossett Jewelry, Carlsbad (Source)

Woody’s Jewelry, Portales (Source)


New York

Connelly’s Diamond Jewelers, Latham (Source)

JK Bloom Jewelers, Troy (Source)

Korner Jewelers, New York City (Source)

Lee Jewelers, Sag Harbor (Source)

Waterbury Fine Jewelers, Watertown (Source)


North Carolina

Grimball Jewelers, Chapel Hill (Source)

Rice’s Jewelers, Mebane (Source)


North Dakota

Beads on Broadway, Fargo (Source)



Adamas Jewelry and Gifts, Boardman (Source)

Gasser Fine Jewelers, Canton (Source)

Henry B. Ball West, Akron (Source)

Posin Diamonds & Fine Jewelry, Columbus (Source)

Raul Haas Hyde Park Jewelers, Cincinnati (Source)

Schreibman’s Jewelers, Fairfield Park (Source)



Judith Arnell Jewelers, Portland (Source)

Piper’s Jewelry, Woodburn (Source)



Fishers Jewelers, Erie (Source)

George’s Jewelry, Meadville (Source)

Liztech Jewelry, East Stroudsburg (Source)


South Carolina

Campbell’s Jewelers, Mt. Pleasant (Source)

Cochran Jewelry Co., Greenville (Source)



Peter D. Poole Jewelers, Memphis (Source)



Busch Jewelers, Abilene (Source)

Donoho’s Jewellers, Spring (Source)

R.H. Lackner’s Fine Jewelry & Gifts, Brownsville (Source)

Torin Bales Fine Jewelry, Victoria (Source)



Sunshine Boutique & Jewelers, St. Johnsbury (Source)



Adolf Jewelers, Richmond (Source; update)

Caulkins Jewelers & Gifts, Leesburg (Source)

Quinn’s Goldsmith Custom Jewelry Design, Occoquan (Source)



Shinola Jewelry, Eastsound (Source)



Malmberg’s Jewelers, Ashland (Source)



Kraft’s Fine Jewelry, Sheridan (Source)


Let’s raise a toast to all these stores, who fought the good fight. Here’s to for a great 2018.

(Image from Yelp)

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