2014 Emmys Jewelry: What Will We See on Monday Night?

The 2014 Emmy Awards takes place on Monday night, and I’m curious to see what jewelry some of television’s most popular stars will wear. (Click here to see the list of nominees and here to see what my Marketplace colleague Brittany Siminitz thinks will trend.)

My mailbox started filling up this week with pre-Emmys placements, as well as predictions from various style authorities on what celebs might wear. (Remember my rant on that subject?) In fact, I was reminded that the awards ceremony was taking place when I started my jewelry requests for JCK’s October holiday-theme photo shoots that took place this week. It seems that quite a few cool pieces were not available for us to pull because they were sitting in various showrooms nationwide waiting for the right stylists to pull them for possible use. I can’t wait to see who might wear some of Suzanne Kalan’s beautiful baguette-diamond styles, considering I was denied access to them! (Insert semi-annoyed eye roll here.)

The Emmy Awards, just like the start of the school year, kicks off a new season of awards shows, providing a platform for jewelry designers with connections—or pockets deep enough—to procure coverage. This spotlight on their styles can drive awareness and interest to lines, as well as create sales, though it’s always been tough to gauge precisely how much this celebrity coverage helps in building name recognition. Still, like a billboard that’s on display for a brief period, some spotlight is better than none, and certainly some styles stick in viewers’ minds more than others. Could yours be among them?

Check back on Tuesday to see JCK’s news report on the jewelry trends of the night, and visit this blog on Wednesday for the “Big List of Who Wore What” to the affair. Happy weekend, everyone.

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