20 of the Best Holiday Gifts Industry Received This Year

At the Heebner house, part of Christmas morning is spent watching our dogs open their gifts. (Don’t judge! It’s really cute to watch them tear into packages!) But industry-wide, holiday gifts range from jewelry and watches—a Cartier model for a PR professional in California from her husband—to clothes (what I asked for) to time with family. Via an informal Facebook poll, here’s a peek at 20 presents that industry members received.

“Cartier watch from my amazing husband!” —PR associate in California

“My kids at the dinner table and having wonderful conversation with them—the world is good!” —Lab owner in Chicago

“CASH!” —PR professional (and wise guy) from California

“A set of palette knives, now I must learn how to paint with them!” —Artist from Florida

“A book and quiet time to lose myself in its pages…because, honestly, this is how I keep me healthy mentally!” —Jewelry designer from Florida

“Time to clean my closet and cook a family meal that does not have to be ready in 10 minutes!” —CEO of a luxury-branding agency in New York City

“An invitation to a real Christmas dinner, instead of spending the night at a Chinese restaurant!” —East Coast sales rep for JCK

“Hubby got me the Gucci wallet I saw while in Vancouver. So unlike him—the effort alone made it my favorite gift.” —Jewelry sales rep from the Southeast

“Spending the whole day together just us—Marlaine, me, kids, grandkids, with coffee together early, watching a movie, and a long, delicious dinner. The presents were almost an afterthought. It was peaceful and easy.” —CEO of a consulting firm in the Midwest

“My favorite gift was seeing my excited, happy special-needs daughter having the time of her life with her new toys and her family. When she is happy my whole world turns to calm.… Her happiness is really gift enough for me most days.” —Jewelry designer and photographer from the Midwest

“Ski pants from the family. Already used them last weekend and abundantly happy.” —Sales associate from the Midwest

“Watching my 2- and 3-year-olds open their presents and being excited about the box.” —PR agency owner in New Jersey

“Both my children home from college, and they aren’t arguing with each other!” —Wholesale sales associate from California

“My sister bought me an easel!” —Jewelry designer from California

“A giant emerald-cut citrine and 14k gold cocktail ring. It’s obscenely huge but pure sunshine.” —Writer from New York City

“A 7 ct. Asscher eternity band by Daniel K.” —PR executive from New York City

“Surfing lessons from my wife!” —Jewelry designer from California

“Spending lots of great time with my husband and playing with our granddaughter. Oh, and two handbags—gift to self.” —Jewelry designer from Chicago

“Dan and I totally surprised each other with the exact same gift: new Trek bikes. I just love that we never discussed it prior and were on the same wavelength.” —Jewelry designer from Arizona

“My dad got me a diamond bracelet. I love all that family togetherness and health, etc., but hey, I love diamonds, too.” —Friend in the jewelry industry

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