18 Jeweled Accessories for Summer Activities

Editor’s note: This post has been written by our fun and fashionable contributor Alexis Williams. Enjoy!

After being trapped in the depths of the seemingly never-ending polar vortex, a long, glorious summer is almost within reach. While your customers may choose to spend their days soaking up the sun on the beach and their nights being lulled into a cozy slumber underneath the stars, one thing is certain: Their summers won’t be complete without participating in a fun-filled activity with friends and family.

Make sure they are decked out in the boldest and brightest jewels just in time for summer vacation. Below you’ll find an array of accessories fit for enjoyable summer outings. Whether it’s a casual day at the park or a classy dinner, your customers will consider wearing at least one of the following pieces.  

Pool party. One of the staple events of the summer is a good, old-fashioned pool party. Guests are likely to don a light, airy maxi dress or a form-fitting strapless top with a breezy skirt while relaxing around the pool. However, the must-have accessory to make a brightly colored summer outfit come together is an eye-catching statement necklace.

Lorenzo rainbow tourmaline necklace


Marcia Moran cat's eye statement necklace

Marcia Moran

Gurham pink tourmaline necklace

Gurhan via Luxury Bazaar

Wine tasting. If your customers are searching for a more demure piece for an upscale event such as a wine tasting, they can never go wrong with a strand of pearls. Flexible with day or night outfits, wine connoisseurs (and amateurs) will walk around a vineyard embodying the essence of style.

Imperial Pearl classic Akoya pearl strand

Imperial Pearl


DSL Pearl multicolor pearl strand

DSL Pearl


Nishi Pearls pearl and crystal bead strand

Nishi Pearls


Amusement park. It’s far too easy to lose your possessions at a theme park, but if your clients insist on sporting some bling, suggest a simple yet stylish pair of stud earrings. When they ride roller coasters or emerge from a water slide, their precious gems will always be in place.

 Marcia Moran pastel trillion stud earrings

Marcia Moran


Shy Creation diamond arrow stud earrings

Shy Creation

Hetal Diamonds blue and white stud earrings

Hetal Diamonds


Road trip. Adventurous jewelry wearers looking to get their kicks on Route 66 are sure to encounter unexpected hours of traffic on the way to their destinations. A sleek watch is just the fixture they’ll need to stay on track and on time.

 Freelook Watches rose gold 10th anniversary watch

Freelook Watches


Jorg Gray Timepieces stainless steel watch

Jorg Gray Timepieces



MICHELE Serein diamonnd red watch


Yachting. Your customers will make a regal splash on the high seas if your store is fully stocked with gold jewelry. A pair of attention-grabbing hoop earrings provide an air of timeless sophistication.

Lagos Covet gold hoop earrings




Alisa two-tone basketweave hoop earrings



Gumuchian B collection honeycomb hoop earrings


Picnic. A laid-back afternoon in the park is the perfect place for another statement piece. From multicolor bangles to striking cuffs, your loyal jewelry patron will capture the brilliant spirit of summer with brightly colored bracelets.


ZDNY & Co. multicolor gemstone stacking bangles

ZDNY & Co.


La Corza Rocky stacking bangles

La Corza by Sabo Designs


Angelique de Paris Conch bangle bracelets

Angélique de Paris


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