17 Amazing Ideas for Your Vegas Mani

If you’re a jewelry lady who hasn’t yet boarded a plan en route to the jewelry shows in Las Vegas (JCK LUXURY kicks off today), then in addition to packing your suitcase with abundant footwear options, there’s probably one more important pending item on your to-do list: Get a manicure.

Whether you’re buying, selling, or reporting on the jewels, well-groomed hands have always been a thing in preparation for any jewelry trade show, but now that everyone and their mother will be in #showmeyourrings mode on Instagram, there’s mounting pressure to get your nails done in a thumb-stopping bold color, or lacquered to look like opal fire, or meticulously flecked with glitter. And Vegas is the time to really go for it.

For years, I was a member of the Essi Spaghetti Strap, Ballet Slippers, or Nude Beach school, but I’ve since had to up my mani game considerably. Luckily, my industry peers offer no shortage of inspiration on their Instagram feeds.

Jewelry designer Dana Bronfman’s manicures consistently grab my attention (the top image is just one example). What does her Vegas mani look like this year? The image below is her answer.

Dana Bronfman manicureDana Bronfman previews her emerald-themed mani ahead of the Couture show

“My Vegas nails are green this year, inspired by the collection I’m introducing— a collaboration with Muzo Emeralds, which are the most spectacular Colombian emeralds,” says Bronfman. “I did color value shifts in a range of greens, and on my pointer fingers, I asked the nail technician to add dots of different sizes and a few green shades as inspired by my signature Oculus design.”

Talk about attention to detail! Below, some ideas I’m currently contemplating. And follow these feeds (if you aren’t already), not just for the jewelry, but to check out some of the best nails in the biz.

Star ruby anyone?

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Today’s rings and a small Shelby cameo

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