16 Multicolor Jewels for Your Brightest Sales Season Yet

Silver Stars Collection multicolor magnesite fashion necklace

Silver Stars Collection

Right now we’re all feeling very, very blue. And pink. And green. I still have not fallen for Pantone’s Radiant Orchid, so purple, in my opinion, is in the eye of the beholder. Feel free to disagree. Bottom line, color is where it’s at. The cold weather is but a memory (mostly), and gone are the doldrum grays of winter, which were so charming when the season began. Now we’re ready to break out and embrace bright, warm shades. On days when we’re feeling our best and most vivid, a single color just won’t do. How to choose between those blues, greens, yellows, pinks? How about just pick them all?

For the bold, there are the loud looks composed of semiprecious gemstones and the deeply hued fancy sapphires that evoke a saturated, candy-color vibe that make them look good enough to eat.

Alex Sepkus Candy Dome sapphire ring

Alex Sepkus


Erik Stewart multicolor sapphire Elizabeth earrings

Erik Stewart


Bahina Jewels multicolor gemstone scallop necklace

Bahina Jewels


ZDNY multicolor sapphire spiral earrings

ZDNY & Co.


Samuel B. multicolor gemstone peacock ring

The Samuel B. Collection


Momentoss Colore collection multicolor gem necklace

Momentoss Jewel


Nina Nguyen drusy multicolor Mia earrings

Nina Nguyen Designs


For the more demure, fancy colored diamonds and lightly hued sapphires are the way to go for a more subtle, not to mention luxurious, style. The lighter looks bode well for spring but will carry color through any season. Then there are the showstopping looks put together with a setting of the rainbow-kissed opal or fancy sapphires.

Leibish & Co. Tutti Frutti diamond bracelet

Leibish & Co.


Miiori NY Blooming Secrets two-finger multicolor sapphire ring

Miiori NY


Judith Ripka multicolor Avalon necklace

Judith Ripka


Goshwara Gossip multiclolor gemstone disc earrings



Pamela Huizenga rose-cut sapphire cluster earrings

Pamela Huizenga Jewelry


Lastly, one of my favorite multicolor looks is attributed to one gemstone in particular: the opal. The stone holds a rainbow all on its own and is made even more stunning when combined with other stones that work to bring out its fiery tones.

Temple St. Clair black opal Tolomeo ring

Temple St. Clair


A&Z Pearls Neptune's Treasure opal necklace

A&Z Pearls


Margery Hirschey Boulder opal and phrenite drop earrings

Margery Hirschey



For a season’s worth of inspiration and more, visit our colors board on Pinterest.


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