15 Sapphire Jewels in All Shades for September Sales

One of the most amazing qualities of the sapphire gemstone is that its possibilities are seemingly endless. Most people associate their birthstones with a specific color. For example, as a May baby, emerald is my stone—I am all about that rich green. Granted, the hue varies, but it’s all pretty much on the same level. September babies have something special, though. With the sapphire as their birthstone, the colors of the rainbow are truly at their disposal. From the most notable royal blue to periwinkle, orange, yellow, pink, orangy-pink, green, purple, even brown—this stone has it all. Many are inclined to associate sapphire with its traditional blue (who could blame them, it’s fabulous), but for those who aren’t super into blue (is that possible?), they can still enjoy their birthstone and be gifted it, too. Don’t misunderstand, the precious gem is for everyone. But for shoppers on the hunt for a September baby whose favorite color happens to be pink, well, gifting just got a whole lot more interesting. Below are 15 of the newest, most exciting sapphire jewels in all shapes, sizes, and colors.


Sylvie Collection vintage-style sapphire ring

Sylvie Collection




Omi Prive two-tone padparadscha ring

Omi Privé




Bahina Jewels triple drop sapphire earrings

Bahina Jewels


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Supreme Jewelry orange sapphire oval ring

Supreme Jewelry



Akiva Gil diamond-framed sapphire drop earrings

Akiva Gil



Omi Prive platinum cushion sapphire ring

Omi Privé


Stock: New sapphire jewels



Bassali Jewelry Perfectly Pink drop earrings

Bassali Jewelry



Kaura Jewels Balance sapphire earrings

Kaura Jewels




Rina Limor sapphire Petali ring

Rina Limor




Tamir unheated yellow sapphire and diamond ring




Color Merchants Celestial sapphire pendant

Color Merchants



Gumuchian New Moon pink sapphire earrings




Carelle sapphire Florette band





Denise James Jewelry Northern Light sapphire cuff bracelet

Denise James Jewelry




Joshua J oval sapphire and diamond ring

Joshua J.




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