15 Forever Jewels to Complete Your Customers’ Halloween Costumes

While trick-or-treating, sugar highs, and bobbing for apples may be relegated to a younger crowd, there is no way in heck that Halloween is just for kids. I mean, who doesn’t love to dress up? One night of the year you get to be something you’re not—a complete polar opposite, or an exaggeration of your wildest dreams. But as I get older, I’m learning that the years of cheaply made throwaway costumes are behind me: No longer fit—both physically and age-wise—to frolic the streets with inhebriated college students and barely dressed ladies (seriously, aren’t they cold?), my tastes now veer toward a more sophisticated lineup, crafted of frou-frou fashion pieces, luxury (or at least luxury-looking) gems, and plenty of over-the-top makeup. This is a grown-up’s Halloween, and these forever jewels—which demand to be worn for much longer than a day—are the greatest accompaniments. So if your customers are looking for just the right thing to finish off their costumes, you’ll know exactly what to tell them.


I’m not sure why vampires are so closely associated with cross jewelry—it seems unusual to me that a creature considered so ungodly would wear a religious emblem, one intended to kill and/or scare them away. But after some top-notch Googling, it seems, according to a number of sites (and a person even claiming to be best friends with a vampire), that some vamps wore cross jewelry to prove they weren’t afraid of God or religion. Whether or not it actually makes sense, these are beautiful jewels—an excellent addition to that Dracula costume and forever after a truly exquisite, everyday piece. An exquisitely sensational ruby piece is the finishing touch to this bloodthirsty costume.

LJ Cross rutilated quartz XL cross pendant

LJ Cross


Omi Prive oblong cushion ruby and diamond ring

Omi Privé


Misis silver cross collar necklace




In my humble opinion, the mummy costume is underrated. Imagine a couture twist on the traditional wrapped-in-toilet-paper look: layers of lace, a flowy white dress, an all-white one-piece. Throw on some convincing makeup, and there you have it. And since the theme is literally wrapping, it only makes sense to don jewels that work the same way.

Alishaev Brothers diamond wrap ring

Alishaev Bros.


Eva Stone silver Words wrap ring

Eva Stone


Alletti Jewelry two-tone gemstone wrap ring

Alletti Jewelry


1920s Flapper

A flapper or 1920s showgirl costume may be the most fun of them all, especially for those in love with Art Deco style—and the jewels! My goodness, the jewels. What greater excuse to pile on some of the most glamorous gems in history? There is one piece every Deco gal needs, of course: the tassel. Fringed earrings or, perhaps most iconically, a long pearl necklace—these pieces transition seamlessly from the costume contest to the office to December’s slew of holiday parties!

Gumuchian Deco pearl tassel necklace



Martin Flyer rubellite, onyx, and diamond Entice necklace

Martin Flyer


Ssethi Couture black diamond tassel necklace

Sethi Couture



Silly, sophisticated or just plain scary, I can’t help but associate witches of all kinds with bats, spiders, and snakes. It doesn’t matter if you’re dressed as The Wizard of Oz‘s Wicked Witch of the West, one of the three sisters from Hocus Pocus, a member of the Craft, or a vintage-inspired, beautiful bewitched goddess. The creepy crawlies are entirely appropriate, and the right jewels can be oh-so-enchanting.

Supreme Jewelry black diamond spider ring

Supreme Jewelry


Wendy Yue bat ear cuff

Wendy Yue


EFFY Jardin Critters black diamond snake ring




Whether it’s Queen of Hearts, the Duchess of Cambridge, or, inevitably the most popular costume of the season, Queen Elsa, what better to suit a royal than diamonds and pearls? Good or evil, living or dead, any costume that involves a grand gown or getup just has to be a thrill to wear, even if only for one night. And those diamonds and pearls—forever an accessory to life’s everyday costumes.

Imperial Pearl Vintage795 pearl earrings

Imperial Pearl


Rahaminov Diamonds diamond stud earrings

Rahaminov Diamonds


Cordova Wind Chimes diamond circle earrings


Whatever you do and however you dress, I wish you a safe, happy, and memorable Halloween!

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