14 Peridot Jewels for August Into Autumn

Loretta Castoro KissMe sapphire and peridot ring

Loretta Castoro

Peridot is one of those jewels that, in my opinion, you don’t see often enough. When it is used it’s typically in a lower-priced, sterling silver piece, beautiful in its own right but not necessarily treated as a luxurious stone. Sure, other gemstones are considered more valuable, but I enjoy the unexpected, so it’s a delight to see a gorgeous peridot used at the center of an inspired design, priced accordingly. 

CH Hakimi natural peridot pendant 

CH. Hakimi


Eva Stone flush-set peridot ring

Eva Stone

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WYS Jewelry Leo peridot briolette drop earrings

WYS Jewelry

Here you’ll find a mix of both: sterling designs that seem to me a bit different than the usual, and then there are the wow pieces—that is, big honking stones in diamond-covered settings. All would make anyone wish she were born in August.

Yael Designs Cleopatra peridot ring

Yael Designs



BELLARRI Napoli collection peridot and tourmaline cabochon rings




SilverMasterpiece peridot chandelier earrings





ENZO peridot and diamond cocktail ring



As green tends be popular come autumn, the bright hue is a pleasant, unexpected pop of color against the deeply moody shades we don for the season. For your customers not searching for birthstone jewelry for themselves or someone else, peridot is a beautiful option for an autumn accessory.

Pe Jay Creations oval peridot and diamond earrings

PeJay Creations


Michael John Jewelry peridot and tsavorite ring

Michael John Jewelry


Did you know that some peridot gemstones are truly out of this world? Although peridot from outer space is rare, some have reportedly fallen to the earth in meteorites. The “poor man’s emerald,” as it is sometimes called, ranges from yellowish to brownish to olive to the bright lime green you see on many pieces here. Speaking of emerald, legend has it that Cleopatra apparently had a thing for peridot, often wearing the gemstone (either mistakenly because she thought it was emerald, or just because she liked it).

Omi Prive split-shank peridot cocktail ring

Omi Privé


Ed Levin Silver Sensation peridot swing bracelet

Ed Levin Jewelry


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Color Merchants peridot briolette drop earrings

Color Merchants


Peridot is thought to being good luck to the wearer, along with wealth, peace, and success. Its powers include supression of anxiety in relationships, lessoning of anger and jealousy, and slowing aging. All good reasons to wear the stone, if the color wasn’t enough. I leave you with this question: Is it pear-a-doe or pear-i-dot? Many believe both to be correct or feel strongly one way or another. I’m very interested to hear your take on the gemstone’s pronunciation.

Temple St. Clair peridot Arcadia ring

Temple St. Clair

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