12 Jewelry Trends for 2015: Whimsical Color Combinations

The annual list of 12 Jewelry Trends for 2015 serves as a guideline for store purchases in the new year, highlighting pieces and materials trending now, based on the clothing, color, red carpet, and real-life influences at work in the market. Whimsical color combinations are the 11th trend on the list. Here are five new options for retailers to consider stocking.

Whimsical color combinations. There were plenty of patterns and crazy color combinations—remember Chanel’s rainbows?—on runways for spring and pre-fall 2015, so accessories should nod to those aesthetics in the form of mosaics of color, playful trios of hues, more rainbows (a look confirmed by our friends at Jewelers of America), or single pops of color to highlight one in a pattern.

Sarah Magid bracelet

Montparnasse Charm bracelet in 13k gold-plated brass with buffed enamel and Swarovski crystals, $328; Sarah Magid

Bizzotto Rainbow necklaces in 18k gold with ruby and sapphires

Rainbow necklaces in 18k gold with ruby and blue and yellow sapphire, $700 to $880; Bizzotto

Marcia Budet stack rings with amethyst and citrine

Stack rings in silver with 30 ct. amethyst, 25 ct. citrine, and a diamond accent, $1,535 apiece; Marcia Budet

Tresor Collection earrings with multicolor gemstones

Earrings in 18k gold with multicolor tourmalines, tsavorite garnets, mandarin garnets, tanzanites, and diamonds, $7,875; Trésor Collection

Katherine Jetter opal and red spinel ring

Scarlett ring in 18k gold with 19.73 ct. black opal and 4.5 cts. t.w. red spinel, $46,000; Katherine Jetter

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