12 Jewelry Trends for 2015: Rings to Stack However You Please

Another year, another list of trends to stay on top of! Join JCK senior editor Jennifer Heebner and me as we exemplify the best jewels to stock this year, from her 2015 list of 12 trends to follow.

Trend No. 4: Stacking Rings

Piling on a mix of rings is nothing new, and it’s a style we’ve been really fond of in the last couple of years. But what I enjoy about the notion of stacking rings is the personalization of them: Mix and match as you please, pile them all on one finger, use a single color palette, try accenting a big fat cocktail ring for eye-popping oomph. There are so many things that you can do, and, even if others try to tell you exactly how to do it, there are no rules. For retailers, the all-in look is good for sales; the bands lend themselves to self-purchasers wanting to add new spark to their stacks, be it for a special occasion or just because. Having trouble moving those wedding bands for one reason or another? Try placing them in a fashion-inspired showcase, demonstrating how great they looked stacked. I can’t say enough about how awesome stacking rings are, and I hope the massive love for them never ends. Knock on wood—the end doesn’t appear to be in sight.

My current covetable stacking band collection below—which one is your favorite? Click each for details.


Tamir brown diamond charm stacking ring




Audrius Krulis double row rocky diamond band

Audrius Krulis



Leibish and Co. Tojours diamond stacking bands

Leibish & Co.



Sethi Couture Silhouette diamond hexagon ring

Sethi Couture



Rahaminov Diamonds multicolor round diamond band

Rahaminov Diamonds


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