12 Jewelry Trends for 2015: Gold Is Bold

Another year, another list of trends to stay on top of! Join JCK senior editor Jennifer Heebner and me, as we exemplify the best jewels to stock this year, from her 2015 list of trends to follow.

Trend No. 1: Yellow Gold

I think we’re past the point of debating whether yellow gold is going to fade in popularity. A couple of years ago, there was a question if gold would ever spark the interest of younger consumers, particularly millennials who wouldn’t consider wearing the metal that their parents so obviously favored. It was Tiffany & Co. silver or it was nothing at all. But now, especially as that generation grows older, the trends are favoring yellow gold. 1960’s and 70’s fashions complement it like nothing else, and designers are putting forth warm styles that were made to shine in yellow. No metal can make quite as big a statement or be quite so bold as our beloved yellow gold.

Click each jewel for more information, and email me with questions or to stock.


Toby Pomeroy Gingko earrings with diamonds

Toby Pomeroy




Dorian and Rose Muse coin pendant

Dorian & Rose



Rahaminov Diamonds for Forevermark gold coin necklace

Rahaminov Diamonds for Forevermark




Zina Sterling Z.XIV wired cuff bracelet

Zina Sterling Silver



Stuller Golden Nest fashion ring



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