12 Jewelry Trends for 2015: Colored Diamond Jewelry

The annual list of 12 Jewelry Trends for 2015 serves as a guideline for store purchases in the new year, highlighting pieces and materials trending now, based on the clothing, color, red carpet, and real-life influences at work in the market. Colored diamond—natural and treated—jewelry is the eighth trend on the list. Here are five new options for retailers to consider stocking.

Colored diamonds. Thank you, Le Vian—and to a lesser extent EFFY, HSN, and QVC—for putting the full spectrum of diamond colors in the forefront of consumers’ minds. The ad campaigns and promotional efforts of these firms drive interest to colored diamonds—natural or treated—in general, because they put the stones in front of consumers, who are intrigued by their beauty first and foremost and then inquire about quality and cost. It’s a trickle-down theory that works—similar to when De Beers did its diamond ads—driving consumers to their trusted jewelers to learn more. You’re welcome.

IDD Dazzling Diamonds earrings with black and colorless diamonds

Dazzling Diamonds earrings in 14k gold with 0.33 ct. t.w. black and colorless diamonds, $759; IDD

EFFY Expresso earrings in 14k gold with cognac and colorless diamonds

Espresso earrings in 14k yellow gold with 0.75 ct. t.w. cognac and 0.7 ct. t.w. colorless diamonds, $5,000; EFFY Collection

Le Vian Chocolate diamond ring

Ring in 14k Strawberry Gold with 1.35 cts. t.w. Chocolate and Vanilla diamonds, $5,797; Le Vian

Pleve bar necklace in 18k gold with color-enhanced diamonds

Bar necklace in 18k gold with 2.65 cts. t.w. color-enhanced diamonds set in light-cured ceramic, $6,050; Plevé Diamonds


Rahaminov natural yellow diamond bracelet

Line bracelet in 18k yellow gold with 42.99 cts. t.w. fancy yellow radiant-cut diamonds, price on request; Rahaminov Diamonds

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