12 Jewelry Trends for 2014: Stickpins

The annual 12 Jewelry Trends for 2014 list aims to serve as a guideline for store purchases in the new year, highlighting pieces and materials trending now, based on the clothing, color, red carpet, and real-life influences at work in the market. Stickpins are the seventh trend on the list, and here’s why they are relevant to jewelers now.

Stickpins. Did you see all the lapels in spring lines? They all serve as ideal perches for slim jewels like stickpins. These are—as the name suggests—slender, making them more affordable than some other styles and easy to place in other spots, like in the hair, on a hat, shirt, or even a skirt. Also, consider that directional firm Royal Asscher unveiled stickpins in a collection made in collaboration with singer Estelle, Southern jeweler Mignon Faget is also offering the styles, as is newcomer Holly Dyment, and that the pieces are abundant in estate cases. Update this old style with modern themes for a newfound collectible.

Stickpins from Estelle and Lita by Royal Asscher

Stickpins in 14k gold and 18k gold-plated silver, $770–$2,620; Estelle and Lita for Royal Asscher

Mignong Faget 14k gold Arrow pin

Cupid’s Arrow pin in 14k gold, $1,300; Mignon Faget

Holly Dyment stick pins

Stickpins in 18k gold with precious gems and enamel, staring at $6,570; Holly Dyment

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