12 Jewelry Trends for 2014: Orange Jewels to Warm Up Any Wardrobe

Shes done it again. For the third year in a row, JCK senior editor Jennifer Heebner has released her much-anticipated and eerily accurate list of jewelry trends for the year. Twelve looks for 2014—everything from specific gemstones to bold colors and styles—can be found here. And for the second year in a row, Ill be joining her in sharing with you our favorite pieces to go along with each of the 12 trends. So if you haven’t already, check out Jen’s 12 Jewelry Trends for 2014: The Third Annual List of What to Buy, Sell, and Stock in the Year Ahead, and join us as we take this fashionable journey of jewelry!

Trend No. 3: Orange

Orange is a notoriously tricky color to wear. As my hair color changed from blond to brunette to red, I found the hue either too harsh or wishy-washy, so steering clear of it seemed like the answer. Fast forward to the spring 2014 fashion shows: Designers like Joanna Mastroianni, Diane von Furstenberg, and Karen Walker, among others, brightened the runways in shades ranging from tangerine to burnt orange to coral, which made the oft-feared hue appear elegant, feminine, and refreshed. Flowy silhouettes, sheer panels, and cutouts that spread out the hue in a way that made it less overwhelming, urging us scaredy cats to give it another try. And the lips—the lips! How exciting it was to see orange mouths topping off those energizing fashions. (Give MAC’s Morange lipstick a try, you’ll be surprised!) While orange slowly creeps into closets—and makeup drawers—everywhere, in jewelry, it’s always been well loved. Citrine, sapphire, fire opal, and the list goes on—orange has had a safe place in our showcases, jewelry boxes, and wish lists for far longer than this resurrected interest. I don’t need to tell you to start stocking the warm citrusy hue now, you’ve already got it. But since those with an eye on trends may demand a little more of it this year, think about dedicating a sunny, color-coordinated showcase as the weather starts to warm (or doesn’t—it’s a long winter). You can start with these pieces, some of the newest arrivals to JCK Marketplace that, like the spring 2014 runways, put a new, refreshing twist on an old jewelry staple.

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Omi Prive spessartite garnet drop earrings

Omi Privé

Joshua J Fire diamond halo ring

Joshua J

Carelle exotic tourmaline steps ring


Pampillonia Designs fire opal and sapphire drop earrings

Pampillionia Designs

Omi Prive spessartite garnet pendant

Omi Privé


Jane Taylor Jewelry Rosebud double drop earrings

Jane Taylor Jewelry


Michael John Jewelry citrine drop ring

Michael John Jewelry


Silvermasterpiece princess-cut citrine earrings



Silver Stars Collection orange aventurine bracelet

Silver Stars Collection


Dilamani Designs orange sapphire globe earrings

Dilamani Designs

Snag some inspiration with your new favorite color on our orange Pinterest board.

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