11 Must-See Jewels Headed to PAD London

If you’ve not yet heard of Objet d’Emotion, you should check it out immediately—the online jewelry and accessories gallery seeks to connect connoisseurs with a thoughtfully curated coterie of international designers and is helmed by one of the most visionary and outspoken voices in our industry: Valery Demure.

Valery Demure portrait
Tastemaker, visionary, and discerning jewelry curator Valery Demure

The project, part of Demure’s prestigious London and New York–based brand consultancy and e-boutique, corrals pieces from fine jewelry designers who possess a strong singular, artistic style (think Silvia Furmanovich, Bibi van der Velden, and Fernando Jorge).

In October, Demure will have an Objet d’Emotion showcase at the highly regarded decorative arts and design fair, PAD London. Demure’s curation encompasses the work of 11 jewelry designers and will serve as the only exhibit of contemporary jewelry at the show.

“We are showing influential designers who are at the top of their game,” says Demure. “And we decided to only show female designers. I am particularly excited that I will be showing the work of strong female designers because I have always found that the jewelry world has been male dominated.”

To narrow her selections for PAD, and to make the jewels more appealing to collectors and connoisseurs, Demure avoided pieces that have been previously overexposed on Instagram or with online retailers.

“We will showcase exclusive one-of-a kind pieces, more daring pieces,” says Demure. “I am placing myself in a collector’s mindset, and I don’t want pieces that are not special, that can be found elsewhere.”

And if you can’t make it to London, Demure hopes to draw your attention to two participating jewelry designers you may or may not know about.

“To me, Melanie Georgacopoulos is the pearl queen,” says Demure. “She has created pieces with pearls that are astounding in their design, concept, and innovation. She is way too underrated, and her work has been copied countless times by other designers and by a big French house.

“I also love Francesca Villa. She is still very under the radar, and she is a true artist, sourcing beautiful found objects during her travels and giving them a new life by transforming them into jewelry. I adore her jewelry. It is artistic, whimsical, and poetic.”

Below, a sneak peek at Demure’s well-chosen PAD extravaganza.

Melanie Georgacopoulos Corde de Nacre necklace

Corde de Nacre necklace with white and golden mother-of-pearl in sterling silver, Melanie Georgacopoulos

Bibi van der Velden Mammoth Egg earrings

Mammoth Egg earrings with colored sapphires set in mammoth ivory and 18k yellow gold, price on request; Bibi van der Velden

Monique Pean earrings

Pyritized dinosaur bone and meteorite navette earrings with diamonds in recycled white gold, price on request; Monique Péan

Nadia Morgenthaler earrings

Rock crystal earrings with diamonds and pearls in white gold, price on request; Nadia Morgenthaler


Alice Cicolini Kimono ring

Kimono ring with diamonds, sapphires, and vitreous enamel in 22k gold, price on request; Alice Cicolini

Alice Cicolini Kimono ring

Chocolate Cream Tartlet ring with dumortierite in yellow gold, price on request; Cora Sheibani


Ioanna Souflia Sinergia earrings

Sinergia earrings with thassos marble and gray diamonds in 14k black gold, price on request; Ioanna Souflia



Polly Wales La Divine ring stack

La Divine ring stack with rainbow sapphires and rose-cut diamonds in gold, price on request; Polly Wales

Sharon Khazzam Pandora bracelet

Pandora bracelet with yellow, black, gray, and white diamonds, rubies, amethysts, peridots, pink tourmalines, apatites, spessartite garnets, and morganite in gold, price on request; Sharon Khazzam


Silvia Furmanovich Leaf bracelet

Leaf bracelet with botanical marquetry and tsavorites in 18k yellow gold, price on request; Silvia Furmanovich


Top: Electrifying Blue Star earrings with diamonds, rubies, and light blue sapphires in rose gold, Francesca Villa


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