11 Irresistible Citrine Jewels That Celebrate November’s Other Birthstone

When the American National Association of Jewelers christened citrine as the (secondary) birthstone of November in 1912, it certainly knew what it was doing. A stunning stone in its own right, citrine is especially persuasive during the autumn months, where its range of  orange to pale yellow, often kissed with gold, echoes the season perfectly.

Gabriel co. Kaslique gemstone shapes ring

Gabriel & Co.

BELPEARL Aura golden pearl and citrine ring


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Alexandra Alberta Carmel dangle earrings

Alexandra Alberta

Dazzlers simulated citrine drop earrings


SilverMasterpiece citrine line earrings


Often set in yellow gold and paired with brown stones such as smoky quartz or champagne diamonds, this gemstone is a fall favorite. Citrine is often set in sterling silver, and that coupled with its durability and affordability makes it an excellent choice for shoppers on a budget. Still, I enjoy the unexpected pop of citrine in rose gold and would really enjoy an unusual stone combination, like say, emerald, Paraiba, or a bright pink tourmaline. Maybe the pairings wouldn’t make sense, I’m not sure, but dang, they would look cool.

Meredith Marks Kowloon citrine cabochon earrings

Meredith Marks

Jewelmak pear citrine drop earrings


Citrine also has the honor of recognizing the—lucky number!—13th anniversary. And what celebration doesn’t call for a jewel in its honor? The stone is said to radiate positive energy, promote prosperity, and generate stability in life. Sounds like the perfect anniversary gift to me.

Gumuchian B Honeycomb pendant


Although a natural citrine with no heat treatment is more of a rarity these days, it’s hard to deny the irresistible warmth that radiates from the stone, my favorite iteration being the golden orange color, like a rich, sparkling pumpkin.

Vanna K Gelato citrine pendant

Vanna K

Lorenzo citrine butterfly jewelry suite

Lorenzo USA

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Fope Solo citrine stacking bracelet


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