$10,000 of Diamonds Swiped From Missouri Jeweler on Black Friday

Nearly $10,000 worth of diamonds was stolen from Randy’s Jewelry in O’Fallon, Mo., on Black Friday, Nov. 26.

According to company co-owner Randy Hudson, a middle-aged woman entered the store around noon during a slow period. “She told the employees that she was waiting for someone,” Hudson says. “She was patient and when we were busy, she asked to be helped.”

Hudson says the woman asked to look at several ramps of high-quality diamond earrings during a rush. She asked to put a pair of earrings on layaway and gave the employee a $40 deposit. Hudson says that while the ticket was being written up, the woman took $10,000 worth of diamond earrings.

The woman gave a false address; she also said that her name was Betty White—which Hudson does not believe to be a reference to the actress. “There are four or five Betty Whites in the county we’re located in,” Hudson says.

“Our staff was somewhat careless and they lost count of those ramps,” he adds. “It’s just not a common occurrence, so maybe that in itself makes us a little too lax.”

The store surveillance camera was turned over to the police and Hudson is offering a reward of $1,000.

O’Fallon City police officer Diana Damke tells JCK the theft is under investigation. “We’re working on leads but there’s nothing solid at this point,” Damke says.

Hudson says the store hasn’t experienced a theft in nearly 10 years, but the incident has opened employees up for discussions about security issues. “It’s a little crime to deal with, but I think the real theme of what we discussed is that we have our careless moments.”

Video of the theft can be seen here.

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