10 Ways to Celebrate National Jewel Day

I didn’t know that March 13 was National Jewel Day.

Once I found out that it was indeed a real holiday, I was stumped for ways to celebrate it, since I’m not the type of guy who usually wears a lot of jewelry.*

The first thing I did was consult GQ Rules.

The only things I got from that video were complete envy of the jewelry designer’s beard and the idea to generate this meme featuring Mr. T.

I ended up doing what I should have done from the beginning: ask my partner in crime Stephanie Schaefer for some inspired ideas on how to #ShowtheSparkle.

We came up with 10 ways to celebrate National Jewel Day:

  1. Have your staff wear a favorite piece of jewelry and talk about why it’s important.

  2. Put Jen Heebner’s 12 Jewelry Trends for 2013 blog post on a dartboard, close your eyes, throw a dart, and buy a piece of jewelry in the style of the trend it lands on.

  3. Debate which jewelry statement from Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw is the greatest of all time.

  4. Listen to JCK Rocks the Beach headliner Maroon 5 to get excited for the upcoming JCK Las Vegas Show.

  5. Play a drinking game with bejeweled cocktails.

  6. Dance to Rihanna’s “Diamonds” or any other diamond-inspired modern pop song.

  7. Choose your favorite Super Bowl ring.

  8. Learn something about the Kimberley Process. (It’s important, people).

  9. Quiz each other on the recent issue of JCK.

  10. Treat yourself to a diamond cupcake.

*Don’t let Daniel fool you, he is known to rock the man-bling from time to time. —Stephanie

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