10 Tips for Newspaper Ads

Newspaper advertisements are a proven promotional media for
retail jewelry stores. Here are 10 time-tested techniques to improve the
performance of newspaper ads:

1. Write a headline that creates attention. A good headline
is like a marqee on a movie theatre; it grabs the readers’ attention. Writing
an effective headline can be 90 percent of the success of an ad. On average five times
more people will read the headline than the entire advertisement. Headlines
should speak to a specific target audience. What sort of benefit might your
headline offer readers? How might you create curiosity in your advertisement?
Headlines must grab the attention of readers. The success of the advertisement
is often dependent on an effective headline.

2. Be clear and concise with copy. Readers today are
impatient and want to know the bottom line. Use strong verbs and an active
voice. Avoid clichés and gemological terms. Use simple words.

3. Use a simple format. Do not overcrowd the ad with too
much copy. White space makes an ad more readable because the average page is so
heavy with small type. Short sentences that are direct and to the point are
highly desirable and very effective. Offer just enough information for the
targeted audience to want to buy the jewelry being promoted.

4. Motivate readers with the right offer. First make sure
the promotion attracts the type of customer the jewelry store desires long-term. Too often a low-end product promotion will bring in only price buyers and
lower the average ticket price. Make sure to product offering represents the
product category the company wants to use to grow the business.

5. Be visual. Adding a visual can triple ad exposure. More
people will notice an image of jewelry before they will notice your logo. Note
how many high-end jewelry advertisers use images of models wearing jewelry.
Readers see how good jewelry fits and how great jewelry looks when it is worn.

6. Have a strong call to action. Readers must know what you
want them to do next. Make the copy stand out with active and descriptive

7. Pick the right day. Sunday offers the highest circulation
and readers spend the most time reading the paper on Sundays. Monday is a good
day for jewelers trying to sell to men because papers offer a summary report of
weekend sports. Friday is a good day to attract active shoppers. Saturday is
good because there are often fewer advertisers and there is less competition to
attract the attention of readers.

8. Measure the performance of each advertisement. Use a
tracking device such as a number code or unique coupons. Compare one newspaper
to another and ad placement on different days. Always track which headline
works best.

9. Give yourself permission to negotiate. Newspaper rates
are not set in stone. Newspapers are in need of your ad space and will often
negotiate rates for multiple insertions.

10. Plan ahead. Promotional schedules should be firmed up
now for the upcoming holidays. Newspaper advertisements are still a very
important media for jewelry sales promotion. Highly effective advertisements
take time to conceptualize, strategize, and schedule.


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