10 Most Popular Jewelry News Stories: Week of June 10

A roundup of JCK‘s top stories from the past week.

Diamond Grading Labs Using Different Standards, Survey Finds

After sending 10 different diamonds to grading labs in the United States and abroad, a Rapaport survey found opinions that differed by as much as three color grades.

Did This Alabama Jewelry Store Billboard Just Give You the Finger?

An expressive billboard from Wholesale Jewelry in Huntsville, Ala., has grabbed the attention of customers with a sense of humor.

The Diamond Lab System Is Broken. How Do We Fix It?

The lab system, meant to raise standards in the trade, now seems to be aiding and abetting misrepresentation.

50 Tips to Prevent Jewelry Store Robberies or Minimize the Damage Should They Occur

Encountering an armed robber is one of the scariest things a jeweler can experience, but experts say there are certain measures you can take to prevent a robbery, or to minimize the damage should one take place.

New Birks Stores to Feature Only Birks Jewelry

The two new Birks stores opening this summer will have one big difference from the company’s regular stores: They will feature only Birks products.

Macy’s Files Motion to Dismiss Gold Jewelry Lawsuit

Macy’s has filed a motion to dismiss an intended class action lawsuit that claims the department store misrepresents its gold jewelry, saying no fraud occurred and the incident falls outside the four-year statute of limitations.

Sterling, Zale Fail to Settle Lawsuit

Sterling Jewelers and Zale Corp. failed to reach an agreement during mediation in their ongoing legal squabble over Zale’s advertising claims about its Celebration Fire diamond.

5 Jewelry Trends From JCK Las Vegas 2013

From black and white to rose gold to dazzling animal motifs, these are the top five looks spotted on the show floor.

5 Bridal Jewelry Trends From 2013 Jewelry Week

Bridal styles seen during jewelry week were colorful, floral, and anything but ordinary.

The Best of Las Vegas 2013: Part 1

As you’ll see by my photo diary, products and parties dominated my Vegas schedule…just the way I like it!

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