10 More JCK Covers From 1960-64 That Missed the Mark

I couldn’t help myself.

These 10 covers from 1960-64 are so awful I felt they deserved their own blog post.

August 1960


This collection wouldn’t be complete without a horrible Christmas cover from an August issue.

March 1960

I couldn’t think of a comment that wouldn’t get me fired, so let’s just move on.

May 1961


It’s like the opening scene of a James Bond movie, except completely different.

September 1961

Not a terrible concept, but someone really needed to tell the JCK art director at this time that brown, neon pink, and gold were never good design colors.

December 1961


Okay, really? Doughnuts on a pile of sticks? Seriously?

February 1962


I think this cover could double as an anti-drunk driving ad. It could also be an ad promoting acid. You could make a case either way.

August 1962

Santa Claus was so upset about this one that he brought our art director coal for Christmas for the next 10 years.

February 1963

Discussion in the art department in 1963:

“You pick a color!”

“No, you pick a color! It’s your turn!”

“You know what would be fun?”


“If we combined all our bright, cringe-inducing colors!”


June 1963


Confused emoticon.

May 1964

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are making a movie based on this cover that will sadly be more frightening and disappointing than this cover.

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