10 Cool YouTube Wedding Proposals

In the January 2010 issue of JCK, six jewelers recounted their own memorable engagement moments as inspiration for future proposals.

One proposal included a vending machine, while another jeweler proposed without a ring!

I’m pretty sure that the jewelers we interviewed would be pretty proud of these 10 cool wedding proposals I found on YouTube. On a personal note, thanks a lot to all of you for setting the bar higher for us single folks!

  • This is the gold standard.

  • I’m thankful George Lucas wasn’t directing this film. The girl would have ended up being an annoying alien that we would have all tried to talk ourselves into liking. Yes, I’m bitter about the Star Wars prequels. But this is cool.

  • Dolphins make everything awesome.

  • Aw, a San Diego Chargers fan actually knowing what it’s like to win something. That’s cute.

  • I love local news broadcasts.

  • Hard to be snarky or have a comment of any kind when the guy hang glides into a packed football stadium and proposes on the 50-yard line.

  • Further evidence that the addition of aquatic life makes everything better—provided it’s behind protective glass and not a Great White Shark.

  • Is anyone else freaked out by the bear mascot in this one? Also, New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg would have totally banned this proposal for its use of sugary drinks.

  • As a former band nerd, this one struck a chord with me.

  • They don’t all end well…but at least the people in the booth didn’t show a replay.

Do you have a memorable proposal story? Let us know in the comment section or email dford@jckonline.com.

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