10 Cool Jewelry Ads From 1982

This is my third compilation of cool jewelry ads from the 1980s and I just want to know one thing.

What the Brat Pack happened during this decade???

As a history buff, I have a feel for most eras in American history, but the 1980s are a complete mystery to me (and I was born midway through!). Maybe it was the nascent technological advancements or hangover from the previous decades. But these years resulted in some bizarre decisions in culture, music, and fashion.

While you think about some possible answers for me, check out these 10 jewelry ads from 1982 that clearly couldn’t be from any other time.


I have all the respect in the world for any ad that models itself on the opening crawl of Star Wars.

Oro International

Much like hands later in the decade, fruit was big in jewelry ads during the early 1980s.


This ad reminds me of the opening scene of nearly every business-related movie made during this decade.

Tanury Brothers

I hope this isn’t the same company that dips the Oscar statues. It would raise a lot of human rights questions.


As a New Yorker, I love everything about this guy. It would have been even more effective if one arm had been a trendy 1980s youngster, but still a great ad.


There is a crab in this ad. That is all I care to say about it.

Hirsch U.S.A.

Lizards are apparently awesome in ads in every era.

Frank Mastoloni & Sons

How did this not end up in a James Bond movie?


I picked this ad just so I could reminisce about the Hartford Whalers. Brass Bonanza!


These diamond cowboy boot pins would go great with these chicken rings.

For more jewelry ads from the past, check out:

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