10 Bruce Springsteen Songs That Reference Diamonds and Jewelry

It’s about to get a whole lot more Jersey on JCKonline.

I love Bruce Springsteen so much that I went to a concert at Shea Stadium in 2003 alone. I bought up most of his merchandise and still enjoy a frothy beverage out of the pint glass to this day.

When I was researching Neil Young and Bob Dylan lyrics that referenced jewelry, there was no doubt in my mind that I would eventually write about “The Boss.”

Here are Springsteen’s top 10:

“American Land”

This is recent tune has an infectious beat and fun take on the American experience, all wrapped up in one. Also, some jewelry manufacturer needs to find a way to infuse diamonds with beer. I’d wear a man-gagement ring without complaint.

“There’s diamonds in the sidewalk, there’s gutters lined in song?Dear, I hear that beer flows through the faucets all night long”

“Better Days”

A great song for anyone who has set their life on fire and managed to rise out of the ashes. Try not getting fired up listening to this song—I dare you!

“Your heart like a diamond shone…”

“It’s Hard to Be a Saint in the City”

I think many in the jewelry industry who work in New York City would agree with this song’s title.

“I had skin like leather and the diamond-hard look of a cobra”

“Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street?”

Unlike the previous song, I don’t see New York City jewelry peeps relating much to this one. How many do you think have seen the inside of a city bus recently?

“Queen of diamonds, ace of spades, newly discovered lovers of the everglades”


One of Springsteen’s more obscure songs, it’s one of my favorites. I’m willing to bet some of you will listen to it and think, “Can’t I be in love and have the gold and diamonds?”

“Some need gold and some need diamond rings.”

“Candy’s Room”

Confession time: I’ve never been a huge fan of this song. It gets a great reaction when he performs it in concert, and I just don’t get it. I like the beat and the intensity, but the lyrics leave me a little cold. Sorry, Candy.*

“When I hold Candy close, she makes these hidden worlds mine?She has fancy clothes and diamond rings.”

*That didn’t stop me from listening to it multiple times and tapping my foot the whole time. I may have sung along at one point. 

“Two for the Road”

I can’t tell you how disappointed I am that I didn’t write the following lyric. It sums up exactly how I roll.

“Two one-way tickets and a diamond ring/Hell, it don’t matter what the rain might bring”

“Ain’t Got You”

And this song perfectly sums up the aftermath of living like the above.

“I got the fortunes of heaven in diamonds and gold?I got all the bonds, baby, that the bank could hold”

“I got a big diamond watch sittin’ on my wrist?I try to tempt you, baby, but you just resist”

“Pink Cadillac”

What would work better to propose to the future Mrs. Louped In: jewelry or a pink car?

“And they tempt you, sir, with gold?And they tempt you with the pleasures”

“Further on up the Road”

This version from Live in Dublin is in my top five favorite Springsteen songs. Johnny Cash also covered it, and you can hear him dying. It’s fantastic in a morbid sort of way.

“Where the miles are marked in the blood and gold?I’ll meet you further on up the road.”

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