10 Brands on JCK Marketplace That I Can’t Wait to See in Dallas

They say the stars in Texas shine brighter than any other night sky. Can the same be said about the diamonds? That will be my wish as I make my way to Dallas to visit my JCK Marketplace friends, both old and new, at this weekend’s Smart Show. While there are thousands of brands to choose from on Marketplace, check out these 10 that I’m looking forward to seeing in person.  


Kit Heath

Kit Heath Cocoon necklace 2012 JCK Jewelers’ Choice Award winner Kit Heath offers gorgeous contemporary pieces in sterling silver, like this Cocoon Link necklace with a contrasting 18k gold-plated accent ring.  

Omi Gems

Omi Gems purple sapphire Omi Gems is the place to go for colored gemstones if there ever was one, and the people absolutely rock (pun intended).

Lazare Kaplan

Lazare Kaplan Daniele engagement ringI can always count on a lovely visit with Lazare Kaplan, and I can’t wait to see what the sensational diamond company has in store this time.


KIR wooden pipes cuff I’ve been admiring KIR’s Bali-inspired sterling designs on Marketplace, so it will be a real treat to check them out in person.

Nina Nguyen Designs

Nina Nguyen Cloudy Veil bracelet Nina Nguyen’s designs, featuring geode and druzy stones, are serious eye-catchers – and that’s just in pictures. I’m setting my sights on a visit to the designer’s’ booth, stat. 

Kimberly Collins Colored Gems

Kimberly Collins fancy zircon waterfall earringsWith designs like these fancy zircon waterfall earrings, I’m very eager to see what Kimberly Collins will be showcasing.

Goldstein Diamonds

Goldstein Diamonds fancy color diamond earrings I’m prepared for a jaw-dropping visit to Goldstein Diamonds. If JCK Marketplace is any indication, the company, specializing in natural fancy color diamonds, will be serving up a ton of sparkle.


RevaBella Peacock earrings Another company specializing in sterling silver designs, I look forward to seeing pieces like these earrings from the Peacock collection, when I meet the folks at RevaBella.

Atelier Minyon

Atelier Minyon diamond skull and sword pendants A visit with Alp at Atelier Minyon is like an adventure. The designer keeps you guessing with his incredible knack for creating new looks, and I could gawk at them for hours.

Rahaminov Diamonds

Rahaminov gray diamond bypass ringOne look at its showroom on JCK Marketplace and you’ll know: a visit to any show is not complete until you check out Rahaminov. The spectacular diamonds will draw you in, but you’ll stay for the wonderful people and never-ending supply of innovative jewelry.

No matter which show you attend, no matter where you are, you can check out your favorite jewelry brands on JCK Marketplace.

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