10 Arrested in Los Angeles Smash-and-Grab

Ten suspects have been arrested in connection with a “well-planned” smash and grab at a Los Angeles jewelry store on June 17.

The suspects entered the St. Cross Jewelry Store in the Korean Town Center Mall in Los Angeles and held employees at gunpoint while they smashed cases with sledgehammers and made off with hundreds of watches.

However: At least one of the watches was equipped with a GPS tracking device, which led police to the nearby city of Covina, where two suspects were arrested. Eight additional suspects were later identified and arrested. 

Los Angeles police, in a release, called the robbery “well-planned, coordinated, and practiced.” They also said: “Although this sounds like the plot of a Hollywood movie, in reality this was a violent and dangerous crime that could have had disastrous results. There were no serious injuries reported during this incident.” 

In addition to the sledgehammers and guns used in the robbery, police also recovered “several hundred expensive designer watches.”