October 1, 1997

Appraising 'Old-Cut’ Gemstones

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in this column, members of the jewelry industry can state their views, wax poetic or otherwise pen their thoughts in slightly longer form than the traditional letter to the editor. we welcome your submissions. please send them to p.j. donahue, jck, one chilton way, radnor, pa 19089; fax (610) 964-4481, e-mail pdonahue@ chilton.


al frankl’s crusade for colored gemstones al frankl is adamant: good gem cutting is instantly recognizable and highly salable, especially for the independent jeweler. whenever possible, the master gemcutter and retailer from allentown, pa., is out and about preaching his credo. “the way most independent jewelry stores are configured today [in terms of colored gemstone inventory], th…

Germany’s Jewelry Centers

two of the most famous jewelry and gemstone centers – germany’s pforzheim and idar-oberstein – have launched new projects to restore luster and add domestic and foreign customers to their troubled businesses. both have long histories as major suppliers of the international jewelry industry.

Appraising ‘Old-Cut’ Gemstones

[author’s note: personal property appraising is still a young profession, with the first comprehensive education programs offered in 1982. as with any profession, there will be differences of opinion on the application of principles to particular problems. jck readers are encouraged to submit their views through letters to the editor or to contact the author directly.

Luxury Pens Make Their Mark With Jewelers

the pen is mightier than the sword the saying goes, yet many independent jewelers treat the pen as though it’s a wimp. just over half the jewelers who responded to a nationwide jck poll this summer carry pens (58%). these jewelers say pens account for about 1% of total sales, and four out of five say pen sales have been unchanged or shrunk in the past two years.

New British Invasion

the british are coming! after years of benign neglect of the u.s. market, the british jewelry manufacturing industry is actively trying to build its sales and image here. the british jewellers association – the major association and voice of british jewelry and silverware manufacturers – has launched a major initiative aimed at high-end independent jewelers.

Whither Diamond Profits?

am i the only one who fantasizes that the retail jewelry industry could play tough love with consumers – just tell them diamond retail prices have suddenly gone up 50% across the board? of course, this assumes consumers or the government would buy such nonsense. well, it was a nice dream while it lasted.


second-half forecast: more promotions and platinum it should be a sparkling second half for u.s. jewelers, according to a nationwide poll of the jck retail jewelers panel. two-thirds of jewelers polled expect higher sales in this second half than they did in 1996. three out of five expect higher profits.

Market Place

platinum projections if you’ve been paying attention, you’ve noticed shoppers want more platinum. since 1990, consumer demand for platinum jewelry has jumped by 600%, says a study commissioned by platinum guild international usa. though not as dramatic a leap, the study shows demand for platinum jewelry has risen 20% since 1995, which pgi-usa points to as evidence of the steady and …

Watch Watch

gucci enters elite jewelry stores with g300 more than a year after introducing the g, gucci draws high-end retailers – and strong revenue gucci’s steel g watch propelled the brand into one of the fastest-selling properties for watch retailers after it was introduced last year. now gucci broadens its reach into fine jewelers’ showcases with another g – gold.


chicago jewelers address ordinance a new city ordinance defining secondhand jewelry prompted the chicago jewelers association to call for changes from the mayor’s office. the ordinance defines “secondhand property” as “any (jewelry item) that was previously owned.” according to cja member thomas foody of the jewelers board of trade, this definition includes any sto…

Add on to your income

the clock hits 4 p.m. on a sleepy thursday and you’ve yet to ring the register. your thoughts of unpaid bills are interrupted by the sound of a couple entering the store. the adrenaline starts to flow, you snap to attention, greet the customers with a warm smile and enthusiastically begin the sales process.

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