World Titanium Council Is Launched

The World Titanium Council has been established as a nonprofit organization to provide information and knowledge and to serve as a means for sharing and discussing ongoing applications and advances in titanium. It will provide members a Web site, quarterly newsletters, conferences and seminars, industry links, a membership directory, technical support and materials, and other benefits.

According to Ed Rosenberg, president and founder of Spectore Titanium, the World Titanium Council will maintain a close relationship with the International Titanium Association, which provides technical support and information to the larger-scale titanium industries.

The Council will also review and qualify titanium products before they reach the consumer marketplace. Products tested and deemed acceptable by Council standards will be awarded the official Certificate of Approval.

In November 2001, WTC announced its inaugural design competition. WTC provides materials and resources, along with technical and design support at no cost to the entrants.

For information about membership, contact the WTC membership committee at (954) 421-2310, or visit