Where Is Everybody?

It struck me the other day that if, at any given time, we were to have a roll call of our editorial staffers, many would not be here to respond. But that’s as it should be.

There was a time when we could give you a comprehensive view of developments in our industry with periodic trips in the U.S., occasional journeys abroad and numerous telephone interviews. Those days are gone.

Now, because of the increasing complexity and globalization of the industry, we have greatly extended our coverage and our boundaries. Our objective is to give you a broader perspective and more timely, on-site reports of the events and widespread forces you need to understand to be successful.

Russ Shor, for example, has just returned from a trip to London to discuss with the top echelon of De Beers’ Central Selling Organisation the diamond outlook for U.S. retailers in 1997 — particularly in light of new marketing agreements with Russia and Botswana and the loss of Argyle from the fold. He also went to India to see how the diamond-cutting industry there is benefitting from new technology, and how Argyle’s break from De Beers will affect the small-diamond market. You won’t want to miss his incisive reports in the January and February issues.

Senior Editor Bill Shuster spent much of September in Southeast Asia, where he became the first western journalist to visit Panyu, home to China’s burgeoning jewelry-processing industry. He also got a look at the strong foothold GIA has established in Asia, and the probable effects on Hong Kong’s jewelry industry once the territory returns to Chinese control in 1997. You’ll get the full story in articles beginning next month.

Senior Editors Hedda T. Schupak and Mike Thompson have been globetrotting also. Hedda traveled to Turkey to examine the jewelry manufacturing industry there and came up with a timely business report that is sure to be of special interest. She returned by way of London, where she took a close look at some of the fascinating ways British jewelers conduct business. Mike, meanwhile, was on assignment at the Bijorhca fair in France. Hedda’s report is scheduled for January; Mike’s is on pages 240-241 of this issue.

Also this month, Senior Editor Robert Weldon recaps his recent trip to Idar-Oberstein,Germany, where he took a close look at how these twin cities are trying to keep their centuries-old gem-cutting tradition alive in the face of increasing competition.

Meanwhile, our editors plan to criss-cross the U.S. gathering information for regional updates. Many more trips are planned for this peregrinating crew. And despite repeated bouts of jet lag, each editor is eager to continue this worldwide quest for new information and ideas that will be of value to you and your business in the months ahead.