What’s Your Sign?

The Journal of the Planetary Gemologists Association has just landed on our gem desk. And the first question that comes to mind is: “What’s a planetary gemologist?”

According to Richard Brown, acting secretary of the association, a planetary gemologist is a practitioner who is both a “certified” gemologist as well as a PGA—planetary gem advisor. A PGA is qualified to determine gem choices based on Jyotish, the ancient Vedic science that studies the relationship between nine gems and nine planets. “Planetary gemology,” also called Nava Ratna, is prevalent throughout the East and Southeast Asia.

The small but fascinating journal includes a number of views regarding the powers of gems. Also covered are methods of crystal healing that, for some, have become a way to harness physical well-being and energy. Since working with only nine gems can be limiting, substitutes are available, as explained in the journal by Howard Beckman, a planetary gemologist and master gem therapist who has written a number of books on planetary gemology, including Vibrational Healing with Gems.

To take the test to become a certified PGA, or for more information on the planets and their gems, visit the association’s Web site at www.p-g-a.org.