What’s New Business Services

Jewelers using the Polygon Trading Network now have 35,950 diamonds to choose from, according to an internal study of the company’s diamond database. This list is the combined inventory of 136 firms that list their inventory on Polygon’s CertNet diamond database. That database is available exclusively to members of the Polygon Trading Network using their personal computers. Polygon Network Inc., FirstBank Center, P.O. Box 4806, Dillon, CO 80435; (800) 221-4435 or (970) 468-1245, fax (970) 468-1247.

Bron-Shoe Co. offers silver restoration service for silver objects that are damaged or otherwise in need of repair. Jewelers take orders for this service and send items to Bron-Shoe to be restored. Bron-Shoe co-ops on advertising by paying 50% of newspaper ads and provides free ad slicks. Bron-Shoe Co., 1313 Alum Creek Dr., Columbus, OH 43209; (614) 252-0967, fax (614) 252-4602.

DataConcepts Corp. offers a software package called BusinessMind for Jewelers Version 6.0. The year 2000-compliant software offers new automation tools. Features include general ledger, cash flow statement, laser check printing, production and commission tracking, appraisals, styles book, repairs, job costing, and raw materials inventory and tracking. DataConcepts Corp., 724 Bergen Blvd., Ridgefield, NJ 07657; (201) 313-1845, fax (201) 941-9699, www.dcit.com.

The National Retail Federation and NCS, an information services company, have released the Retail Readiness Assessment (RRA) inventory. The RRA inventory is designed to help identify and assess individuals preparing for a career in the retail industry by focusing on customer service and sales skills. The inventory also can be used as a tool for training and development. NCS, 9701 W. Higgins Rd., Rosemont, IL 60018; (847) 292-3434.

Imtec Inc. has introduced the Guardian series of tamper-evident printable polyester label materials designed for product-access safety and security. The material leaves the word “Void” when removed and can withstand temperatures of -40° F to +250° F. It can be printed using any stand-alone thermal-transfer printer as well as Imtec’s line of print-and-apply automation. Imtec Inc., 1 Imtec Lane, Bellows Falls, VT 05101; (802) 463-9502, fax (802) 463-4334, www.imtecinc.com.

The Gemological Institute of America’s Diamond Dossier, the diamond grading and inscription registry service from the GIA Gem Trade Laboratory (GTL), is now available to all GIA GTL clients at up to 41% less than comparable grading and inscription fees, according to GIA. The compact report incorporates security features that exceed the industry’s document-security guidelines. The service is available for diamonds from 0.23 ct. to 0.99 ct. on the GIA D-to-Z color grading scale. GIA Gem Trade Laboratory, 5355 Armada Dr., Carlsbad, CA 92008-4699; (760) 603-4112, fax (760) 603-4080.


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