What’s New – Business Services

The 360º Feedback automated review program enables coworkers and others who interact with an employee under review to evaluate him or her by dialing a toll-free telephone number and answering a series of yes/no questions using the keypad of a touch-tone phone. Reviews are anonymous and therefore can be candid. A report is generated for the reviewing manager. Interim Services Inc., 2050 Spectrum Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309; (704) 568-9577, www.interim.com.

Product Movement Plus, a 10-step marketing system, is now available directly to retailers. Previously, the program was available only through local media sponsors. It helps businesses host vendor-sponsored merchandising events designed to generate traffic and sales. Product Movement Plus, 15117 Nursery Court, Tallahassee, FL 32308; (850) 894-1667, fax (850) 894-2792, www.productmovementplus.com.

Jewelry Manufacturing: The Art and Science is a 370-page reference book for precious metal jewelry manufacturers by Philip Romanoff, a consultant to the jewelry industry. Processes discussed are precious metals, alloying, crucible care, melting, casting, degating, polishing mechanically and manually, electroplating and electroforming, and platinum casting. Philip Romanoff, 9 Marine Place, Highlands, NJ 07732; (732)872-7714, e-mail: turnkeyset@aol.com.