What’s New – Bench&Lab

The Radial Bristle Disc has a flexible bristle design that can be used for cleaning, pre-polishing, semi-finishing, blending, and texturing. It’s suitable for gold, silver, copper, pewter, and brass applications, particularly for removing the oxides from jewelry without compounds and for cleaning and maintaining tiny, hard-to-reach areas. 3M Abrasive Systems Division, 3M Center, Building 223-6N-01, St. Paul, MN 55144-1000; (651) 575-1943.

The Recycle-A-Rama 2000 offers a simple and inexpensive method of recycling waste waters and recovering precious metals from mass finishing operations. Waste waters go into a decanter/filter unit and are pumped to a stainless-steel high-pressure filter vessel for sediment recovery. Water is then processed through special water-cleaning vessels. C.C. Tech Inc., P.O. Box 72838, Elmwood Station, Providence, RI 02907; (401) 784-6168, fax (401) 785-2377, www.gocctech.com.

Platinum-Ject is a jewelry injection wax specifically formulated for casting platinum jewelry. It produces a smooth pattern surface that reduces finishing and is formulated to hold precise details of thin sections. The low-shrink wax has .010% ash content. It’s available in two exclusive colors, lime green and lavender. Ferris Division, The Kindt-Collins Co., 12651 Elmwood Ave., Cleveland, OH 44111; (216) 252-4122, fax (216) 252-5639, www.kindt-collins.com.