What’s New – Bench & Lab

Cimagrafi is a software system for design and manufacturing areas of jewelry, metalsmithing, goldsmithing, ornamentation, and other applications. Users are led step-by-step through the processes to create finished two- or three-dimensional works. A toolkit supports sophisticated tracing options, text manipulation, complex 3-D reliefs, artistic drawing and rendering, and machining processes. GraphiTech Software Solutions Inc., 4000 Long Beach Blvd., #100, Long Beach, CA 90807; (562) 637-3114, fax (562) 637-3117, www.graphitech.net.

The One Pound Foil Pack for investments allows a user to open only the amount needed for a particular casting job. Each package is factory sealed and is designed to deliver fresh material for each casting and a longer shelf life. Each pack is printed with instructions and fills one 21/2 x 4-in. flask. Kerr Casting Specialties, 1717 W. Collins Ave., Orange, CA 92867; (714) 516-7650, fax (714) 516-7649.

Navigator is designed to offer the features of a high-precision balance in a small footprint. Text messages and prompts guide users through setup and operating functions. Sixteen weighting units and four functions are offered for check weighing, quality control, parts counting, and other weighing needs. Navigator is equipped with a standard RS232 interface to facilitate communication with printers, computers, and other peripheral devices and can provide a documented audit trail. Other features include one-button operation for basic weighing and dedicated single-function buttons for setup and menu operations, programmable auto shut-off, and environmental settings to filter vibrations and stability levels so the balance can be adapted for specific locations. Navigator is available in capacities ranging from 210 g x 0.01 g to 8,100 g x 0.5 g, suitable for the countertop or factory. Ohaus Corp., 29 Hanover Rd., P.O. Box 900, Florham Park, NJ 07932-0900; (973) 377-9000, fax (973) 593-0359.

UltraDose Jewelry Cleaner Powder is now available in a 10-lb. size. Developed for use in ultrasonic machines, UltraDose restores the sparkle and brilliance to diamonds, gold, precious metals, and gemstones. Packaged for high-volume users, the new 10-lb. size can make up to 160 gallons of cleaner. L& R; Manufacturing Co., 577 Elm St., P.O. Box 607, Kearny, NJ 07032-0607; (201) 991-5330.

The LaserGold Model JL 15 Jewelry Laser for precious metal chain manufacturing from Gold International Machinery Corp. enables automatic welding of chain links directly on the chain-making machine with minimal heat stress on the parts welded, no lost material, and no joining metal, according to the company. Among the chains that can be produced are cable and curb chains (single, double, triple, etc.), rope chains, and Singapore pendant chains, in gold, silver, and platinum wire up to 0.30 mm diameter at up to 300 links per minute. Gold International Machinery Corp. P.O. Box 998, Pawtucket, RI 02862-0998; (800) 619-GOLD or (401) 724-3200, fax (401) 728-5770, www.goldmach.com.

Rio Grande’s exclusive Sunshine polishing cloths are packaged in bulk for use by manufacturers, designers/craftspeople, and retailers as well as in single pouches for resale. The cloths, which remove skin oils and tarnish, are impregnated with nonscratching microabrasives and a chemical cleansing agent. They are made of a dry, smooth nonstaining material that polishes precious metal, brass, copper, chrome, and finished jewelry as well as showcases, countertops, and mirrors. Bulk-use packs are available in quantities of 10 and 100. Rio Grande, 7500 Bluewater Rd., N.W., Albuquerque, NM 87121-1962; (800) 545-6566 (from the United States) or (800) 253-9738 (from Canada), fax (800) 965-2329, www.riogrande.com.