What’s bin Laden Wearing?

Something caught the eye of many people during broadcasts of terrorist leader Osama bin Laden’s Oct. 7 remarks against Western culture—the clearly visible watch on his right arm. Some commentators said it is, ironically, one of the most popular products of America—a Timex Ironman Triathlon.

A spokesman for Timex told JCK that a number of people have asked Timex the same question. “We’ve looked at the picture as closely as we can and tried to make a determination,” the spokesman said on Oct. 9, “but we can’t say conclusively yet if it is or isn’t.” He noted, however, that the Ironman Triathlon (retailing for $50 to $75) is one of the most popular watch styles in the world and is often copied.

Timex is a popular choice with American leaders. Former President Bill Clinton wore one (the Timex manufacturing plant was formerly in his home state of Arkansas), and so did Vice President Al Gore. President George Bush has worn a Timex Classic—a gift from Timex—for a number of years.

In related news, at press time, Timex officials were in the process of determining the type and recipients of charitable donations the company will make to benefit victims’ families in the wake of the September terrorist attacks on America.