Welcome to the Fourth Dimension

Can one company make a dent in the most recognized and time-honored tradition in the institution of marriage? According to Waldman Diamonds Complete, the answer is, “Absolutely.”

Actually, the diamond company is looking more to tweak than to drastically change the engagement ring business, by incorporating the traditional into an updated design.

In the fall of 2000, the company introduced its new Reflexions by Jem Braggik rings, which feature two stones-one suspended above the other. The marketing concept behind the design is that the two stones symbolize the union of two people. WDC’s Kenneth Friedman jokingly questions the concept of a “solitaire” to represent a marriage. The new ring, instead, places a diamond above either another diamond or a sapphire-creating a fourth dimension. The two stones also represent the millennium, Friedman says.

WDC’s goal is to produce another “basic” category. The rings are available only with .5-ct., .75-ct. or 1-ct. diamonds, and each size has its own distinctive setting. The rings are available only in platinum.

Prong settings emphasize and encourage a side view of the ring, where the hint of blue can be seen on the sapphire styles.

Friedman says the choice of sapphire ties into the strong trend in fashion and jewelry toward the color blue, traditionally associated with tranquility.

While WDC is attempting to grow this patented design into its own basic category (like the Tiffany setting, Friedman says), it’s taking some unconventional approaches to establishing the Reflexions brand. While a full advertising and retailer support program is in place, the company will not reveal or allow access to the designer of the rings and intends to create other designs every year, each with a different brand name.