Ways to Let Customers Know They’re Appreciated

One of my pet peeves is taking customers for granted. Once a purchase has been made, the salesperson will say something like “Your receipt is in the bag” or “If you have any problems call us.” Such statements show a lack of appreciation and sincerity, and, worse yet, they’re the last impression the customer takes from the store.

The way to develop a business, whether for yourself or your company, is by persuading customers to come back again and again and through customer recommendations to friends and acquaintances. If you want repeat and referral business, make sure your customers feel as if you’re throwing an appreciation party as they’re leaving the store.

  1. Use the customer’s name.

  2. Thank them for their purchases.

  3. Use the words “I” and “you.”

  4. Review the benefits of the merchandise.

  5. Invite the customer back.

For example: “Shawn, I really want to thank you for coming in today. I think you made a terrific decision. I know that Carol is going to love her new necklace. The clasp is going to give her the security that she wanted, and the brilliance of the diamond will be everything she dreamed of. Next time you’re in the area, drop in and let me know some of the compliments she’s getting; I would love to hear.”