Varna’s Juliette

Another new diamond cut is making its way into the market, this time from a platinum designer and manufacturer. Garo Chividjian, master platinumsmith of Varna Platinum in Los Angeles, laughed when he was asked why Varna called the new cut “Juliette”: “You wouldn’t call a new diamond cut ‘Romeo,’ would you?”

The Juliette debuted in Varna’s 2001 summer collection and is featured exclusively in its original platinum and 18k designs. Its “D” shape is wider than the traditional half-moon shape, which is said to have been created by clever diamond cutters salvaging the halves of broken round brilliants. Unlike the half-moon, however, the rough for the Juliette is bought specifically to allow for the make, proportions, and facet arrangement to remain consistent from one stone to the next.

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