TRICK XII: Producing Perfectly Tapered Shanks

Producing professional tapered ring shanks with exacting symmetry requires careful monitoring throughout the shaping process, whether the medium is wax or metal. JA® Certified Master Bench Jeweler Wayne Lenkeit of Lenkeit Manufacturing, Temecula, Calif., recommends the following process for checking for a consistent taper.

Wayne’s solution. Turn the ring to a front view (looking through the finger hole) and mark the exact center at top and bottom (indicated by arrows in illustration).

Check the taper in three or more locations on the ring shank. Start at the top or bottom of the shank and work toward the opposite direction.

The center marks should remain perpendicular to the caliper jaws at each location.

Variations in the consistency of the taper are quickly and easily identified by viewing gaps or spaces between the caliper jaw and the shank on one side.

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