Top 10 Customer-Service Standards

This month I want to highlight the top 10 customer-service standards. These are called standards because they’re non-negotiable. They must be adhered to without any reservation or limitation. The goal, every time we serve a customer, is to develop a friend—not just a customer for today. We are working to develop a friend and a customer for life.

  1. If you say it, do it!

  2. Keep your personal problems out of business.

  3. Offer your name, get their name, and use it.

  4. Dress professionally.

  5. Give them your full, complete, undivided attention.

  6. Be enthusiastic.

  7. Smile, and smile a lot—show teeth.

  8. Make the buying experience fun—for the customer and you.

  9. Treat people as you want to be treated.

  10. Go the extra mile.