Tool Time: Cool Jewelry Gadgets, June 2016


Alive Sunlight/UV Tracker

We’ve test-driven a couple of wearables that let you know when you’ve had too much sun. But the new Alive Sunlight Tracker also tells you when you haven’t had enough daylight—a state that, if chronic, can lead to depression and a nasty vitamin D deficiency. The device monitors sunlight exposure and UV intensity, making users more mindful of their optimal exposure to sunlight. Users access a simple proprietary app to check their daily exposure levels.

What We Liked: The device is convertible—it has a strong magnetic clasp that clips securely onto a shirt or dress top, and also comes with a matching adjustable 23-inch necklace chain. And the tracker is medically backed—GoodLux is owned by a group of Harvard professors and researchers. 

What We Didn’t Like: While the wearable’s front sunlight graphic is pretty, its open design exposes too much of the device itself—out of necessity, no doubt. Still, the piece feels slightly unfinished as a result.

Best Feature: Alive is 100 percent solar powered—no cords, plugs, or batteries required. Which feels 100 percent liberating. ($105–$110;

Inset: the Alive tracker, created by India’s Manifest Design with Boston’s GoodLux Technology





Buy and sell jewelry locally with OfferUp—a refreshingly straightforward app that lets you post items, set and change prices, then field offers, all from your phone. Think of it as a virtual souk—and a potential inventory stream for jewelers who deal in estate and vintage merch. A recent search of jewelry being sold in the Washington, D.C., area, for example, yielded a pair of 1980s double-C Chanel earrings, a couple of vintage sterling silver lockets, and new Swarovski baubles—all priced quite competitively. (Free; iTunes, Google Play;



Sisma Laser Welder


Gesswein’s Sisma Laser Welder may be compact, but the benchtop-size machine packs a major punch: a peak power of 9 kilowatts with a pulse energy of 110 joules. And say goodbye to the annoying flickering images and lights that come with traditional welders. Sisma’s “synchro view” system allows you to see the welding process in extreme detail on a 10.1-inch high-definition LCD touch screen. Other standout features include argon gas and air compressor plug-ins and a backup supply of all consumable parts. This is how you weld well. ($22,900;

The Sisma also boasts a fan-cooled water chamber and an integrated exhaust fan to extract fumes.