VM Manufacturing Inc. offers a one-quart capacity wax injector-the “Minijector” model VM 1011-with all the features of a full-sized unit. According to the company, it is ideal for use in small shops and features a thermostat, safety release valve, and easy-to-read thermometer, which is located on the front above the nozzle. The pot, cover, and base are made of machined aluminum.

The second item from VM Manufacturing Inc. introduces a dual temperature control vulcanizer designed for 0%-shrinkage rubbers that require precise temperatures. The model VM GSE22.5 features 8¼-in. x 6-in. aluminum platens to accommodate larger mold frames. Each platen is equipped with its own independent thermostat for exact temperature control for the top and bottom of the mold. The unit is made of steel and aluminum, with a 1-in. diameter pressure screw and _-in. diameter heavy guide posts.

The model VMW903 waxer from VM Manufacturing Inc. features an insulated handle with a built-in switch that provides instant heat only when needed but stays cool to the touch. The unit is designed to heat to over 900°F, allowing the user to do both mold and wax work. The built-in temperature controller provides precise control of the tip temperature; three phenolic tips included. VM Manufacturing Inc., 181 Liberty St., Marlborough, MA 01752; (508) 481-7668, fax (508) 460-0105.