The Virtual Traveler

To find “tricks and tips” for the computer-equipped traveler, visit The site provides “all the information a road warrior (or occasional traveler) needs to know if traveling with a laptop/notebook computer.” It provides advice on what kind of hardware to bring, info on telephone and power adapters you need abroad, and how to find a local Internet service provider.

Rosenbluth International offers, specifically for business travelers. The “Travelers Toolkit” provides alerts on flight status, gate assignments, and delays; a currency converter; information on destination cities; maps; a Flight Tracker feature; and useful links to discounts on “cool things to use before, during, and after your trip.”

Businesswomen will find useful. This online resource features sections such as “Gal-Friendly Cities,” “Go-Alone Travel Tips,” an “International Travel Tip Bazaar,” a “Ms. Biz” section, and “10 Top Business Travel Tips.” (Tip #8 for pregnant travelers: “Have adequate health insurance coverage even if you plan to be out of the country for a few hours. Many companies don’t automatically cover pregnancy-related conditions or nursery care for premature infants.”)

If you need an online one-stop travel agency, try these Web sites:

  • provides hundreds of deals daily on domestic and international airfare, frequent flier miles, business travel, lodging, car rentals, and more.

  • and both offer discount air fares, fare finders, maps, vacation packages, world weather (including 10-day forecasts), special travel deals, and unique features such as “airplane seat maps” (Travelocity) and an “airport survival guide” (Expedia).

  • was developed by and for road warriors to “maintain health and productivity when you live out of a suitcase and work out of a briefcase.” The site spotlights hotels with the best health clubs, gyms, pools, and business centers.

  • provides information on locations, dates, and tickets for arts, sports, entertainment, and special events around the world.

  • offers 100,000 listings for theater, Broadway, opera, dance, and other events in 1,000 U.S. cities and towns.

Finally, check out, a cornucopia of travel advice and links.