The Queen of Chic Dispenses Wisdom

With her signature bob, dark glasses, petite frame, and designer frocks, Anna Wintour isn’t just Vogue‘s top editor: She’s become an arbiter of taste. From overseeing publication of the country’s best known fashion magazine to posing on the red carpet at New York social events, Wintour is often admired for her style.

In a recent Wall Street Journal interview, the style maven discussed her idea of design: “If [Vogue] feels it is design-worthy or an incredible look at a price, and if we feel it has a place in the magazine, it will be in there at whatever price point. We don’t care where the label comes from.” Her day-to-day must-haves? “As long as you have a $20 bill, a phone, and a notebook, you are fine—you can go anywhere.” Most importantly, she offered her top tips on how to look great:

  • Buy just a few really good pieces and wear them repeatedly if necessary, rather than buying 100 “maybe” pieces.

  • Take more fashion risks.

  • Splurge on a great accent piece.

  • Find your own style and stay with it.

  • Wear color. Have at least one colorful piece and mix it with basics like black and white.