The Emmys Go Glam

At last year’s Emmy Awards, in the wake of Sept. 11, many celebrities toned down their outfits to suit the somber mood of the moment. In 2002, however, those same celebs displayed uninhibited glamour and illustrated why, exactly, the stars sparkle.

As always, diamonds were a favorite choice for those gracing the red carpet at the 54th annual Emmy Awards. This year, however, the stars craved not only traditional white diamonds but also more fashion-forward diamond designs, from raw stones to fancy colored diamonds. Style-wise, the Diamond Information Center confirms that this was the year of the brooch—not to be worn simply or traditionally on a lapel or shoulder but dramatically in the plunging neckline or low back of a cocktail dress. Among those who displayed the look were Kristin Davis, Amy Brenneman, and Stockard Channing.

Other top trends were oversized right-hand rings, cuff bracelets accompanied by earrings, and bare necklines.